Speaker // Policy making and evaluation for libraries

Guest speaker for the 27th Annual conference of EBLIDA and NAPLES in 2019

This year’s conference seeks to highlight « Libraries open for all » as they adapt, ensuring access to knowledge & information in the midst of the current information landscape.

As director of the Third-place Puzzle, in Thionville, France, Floriane-Marielle JOB currently oversees the activities and developments of the library, art center and digital studio.

After a curriculum in political sciences, she started a career as a civil servant at the French ministry of finance in 2016. Wanting to contribute within society through the implementation of cultural public policies, she then trained as a library curator. Her background in social sciences and public finances lead her to specialised in the field of management and evaluation. She shares her research and findings through her blog aiming to help manager of cultural institutions in their daily activities.

Her keen interest in learning from experiences and good practices in libraries abroad lead her to enrol as an interpreter at the IFLA annual Congress and to volunteer as a moderator in the 2018 EBLIDA-NAPLE conference.